Solar Products
Solar panel is to absorb the sun rays as source of energy for generating electricity or heating. These solar panel are used in various ways to meet energy needs.
Solar Management Unit
Solar Panel
Grid Tied  system
Home Lighting System
SMU is a device to convert existing inverter to solar inverter to have complete solar benefit.
We offer grid tied inveters and complete systems. We have tie up with many companies to ensure great product.
We offer high quality solar panel from 3W to 300 W.
Solar home light system for catter small required in rural area. This system have two LEDbulbs,battery,panel, C.C.
Solar Traffic signal
Solar Street Light
Solar Traffic Warning
Solar Inverter
We manufacture solar traffic signals & blinker for installation on higway.  
Solar Traffic warning to provide information to road user on highway .
SSL starts automatically in night and off in morning. It is used for safety and lighting where electricty is not present
Solar Inveter to provide electricty where there is power cut or not light.